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Start Early to Prepare for a Move!

Our daughter is moving into her first apartment very soon and has been going through her books, papers, clothing, jewelry, purses, etc. It is a time consuming task, even though she only has one room to pack up. This got me thinking and reinforced a message I try to impart whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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When it's Time to let go.

When is it time to let go of your dining room table and chairs, china cabinet, sofa? How about when you’re moving to a senior’s residence or to a smaller place and you have neither the room- nor the need- for these pieces.  I have worked with a few people who were downsizing, who would have liked to sell their gorgeous and beloved dining room sets, but who were simply unable to find a buyer. It seems that more people these days prefer IKEA-type furniture, rather than an older classic style dining room set. Sometimes it’s even difficult to give these pieces away! I’m struggling to find a recipient for a client’s china cabinet at this moment.

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I've been an ardent environmentalist since my early teens. I cycle, recycle, and compost year- round. I have been a vegetarian for the last forty years, eschew plastic water bottles, love second hand shopping—you get the picture. Not only do I help clients remove clutter and organize, I aim to get rid of unwanted items ecologically, often via

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