When it's Time to let go.

When is it time to let go of your dining room table and chairs, china cabinet, sofa? How about when you’re moving to a senior’s residence or to a smaller place and you have neither the room- nor the need- for these pieces. I have worked with a few people who were downsizing, who would have liked to sell their gorgeous and beloved dining room sets, but who were simply unable to find a buyer. It seems that more people these days prefer IKEA-type furniture, rather than an older classic style dining room set. Sometimes it’s even difficult to give these pieces away! I’m struggling to find a recipient for a client’s china cabinet at this moment.

Some of my clients deal with this issue matter-of-factly. Having entertained family and friends for years, if not decades, they are now ready to say good bye to their belongings, taking comfort in knowing that someone else will enjoy it.

Others lament the fact that nobody wants to purchase their offerings, and they even experience difficulty giving away their treasures. I understand. It’s hard when their children, grandchildren, even nieces and nephews are not remotely interested in their china dishes, silver serving pieces, crystal glasses, and pieces of art.

In my work as a Professional Organizer, I regularly post obscure or heavy items on clients’ behalf on Freecycle. Org, as described in a previous blog. I’ve posted many items on behalf of a couple of my current clients: two kerosene heaters, a treadmill, twin beds, a sofa and loveseat, a heavy and cumbersome circular saw, an extremely large brown carpet, etc.

Besides Freecyle.org, and the free postings on Craigslist and Kijiji, I’ve discovered two other sites: Free Stuff NDG, and Refugee Claimant Donations Montreal.

Last week I connected with a lovely refugee from Nigeria, a family physician in her home country, who arrived in Montreal one short month ago with her young old daughter in tow. The first night in their apartment was spent trying (unsuccessfully) to sleep on their cold, hard floor. Luckily, through the cast-offs of the aforementioned clients who are downsizing, this woman’s apartment is well on the way to being furnished! She is ever so grateful and appreciative. My clients are pleased to be helping someone who so desperately needs basic items. I’ve reached out to my network as well, who have supplied other items. As stated in my mission statement, one of my goals in life is to spread happiness, and I endeavor to regularly accomplish this through my work as a Trained Professional Organizer.

By the way, if you are in need of a lovely china cabinet, let me know!