Clothing Swaps- a Great Way to Declutter your Closet!


It’s time to switch to your fall wardrobe.  As you do so, take a moment to examine your summer garments.  This past spring and summer, did you wear all your shorts, sleeveless tops, tee-shirts, bathing suits, summer dresses and skirts? I somehow doubt it as most of us tend to choose a few favorite items which we wear repeatedly.

If you haven’t worn something from May until now and if you don’t think you’ll wear it next summer either, consider preparing a bag of giveaways.

Another option is to offer these items to a friend who is your size and who likes your taste in clothes- and who would appreciate receiving these items.

Some of my friends and I get together twice a year - spring and fall - for a Clothing Exchange. We bring our castoffs from the previous season or the current one:  clothes which have gotten too big or too small, a sweater which we have worn so many times that we are ready to pass on, shoes bought on sale which we never wore, a dress purchased for an event, that we’re not going to wear again - you get the picture.

We try on, we say, “That looks fantastic!” or “No, that doesn’t work,” we swap, we chat, we have a bite to eat after the exchanging is done. Everybody brings some food and we share lunch or supper, sometimes a tea party, or just a shared snack, depending on what time the event is called for. We have a core group, usually with a few different people each time.

This is a fun, ecological and economical way to declutter your closet and return home with a few new pieces (sometimes wonderful finds!).

If you would like some help thinning the contents of your closet or closets (clothing, shoes, scarves, purses, coats, socks, hats, jewelry)- declutter, downsize, and organize- I would be  delighted to be of assistance. Contact me for your free consultation!

Fall officially arrived yesterday and as if on cue, the Montreal weather has turned cooler. I happily traded shorts and a sleeveless top for jeans and a long-sleeved blouse. Autumn is my favorite season, characterized by the vibrancy of mustard, ketchup, and relish coloured leaves, fluttering in the breeze and carpeting the ground.