Start Early to Prepare for a Move!

Our daughter is moving into her first apartment very soon and has been going through her books, papers, clothing, jewelry, purses, etc. It is a time consuming task, even though she only has one room to pack up. This got me thinking and reinforced a message I try to impart whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Start early when preparing for a move! Whether you are downsizing, upsizing, moving down the street or to another country - the earlier you begin to sort through your belongings, the smoother the process will be.

Begin with what is easiest for you, be it books, clothing, sports equipment or whatever else.

When we purchased a country house two years ago, one of my friends passed on some beautiful bowls and dishes which she didn’t use. Although only 59 at the time, she was nonetheless thinking about downsizing down the road, and said she only wants to keep the essentials.

Accompanying the idea of gradually going through your belongings is the idea of minimizing new purchases! Art, clothing, photos, holiday decorations… do I want to take this with me to the next place, is an appropriate question to keep in mind. Even if you are planning to downsize within five years, it can be extremely helpful to adopt that mindset now.

For those individuals who have limited energy and stamina, preparing for a move at a slow and gradual pace can be both comforting and helpful.

Use the sorting process as an opportunity to appreciate your possessions and to cherish the memories associated with them. Allow some of these items to be enjoyed by others by passing them on.

If this idea makes sense to you, feel free to share it with your entourage.

If you are able to sort and pack yourself, go for it. If you would like a hand, I would be happy to help. Even a session of sorting, decluttering and organizing once every two weeks (or at whatever frequency suits you) over the course of a year, can be impactful. Try to stick with it!

Please contact me for your free telephone consultation with no obligation, if you would like some help preparing for an upcoming move (or decluttering or organizing). Email ( or call me now at 514-882-3610!