Decluttering Helps Prepare for an Open House!

Guest blog by Jackie Waters, with Sheindl Rothman

Since selling your home isn’t a decision taken lightly, it makes sense to prepare carefully for an open house event. We all want to receive top dollar and want to sell quickly. By presenting your property well, you set yourself up for success!

The basics

There are basic items involved in preparing for an open house. Paint the walls in light and neutral colours, like pale tans, beige, light grey, ivory, or white. Clean the entire home from top to bottom and shampoo carpets and rugs. Your home should be sparkling and polished!

Be sure to secure your valuables before the event.

Repairs and maintenance

While your home should be in good repair for your open house, it is common to overlook issues we live with. Hiring an inspector to evaluate your home will give you the opportunity to resolve issues yourself or arrange for a professional contractor if needed.

Curb appeal

Creating curb appeal is crucial. If potential buyers aren’t attracted to your home’s exterior, they may not want to come in and look around. Scrub your siding, wash the windows, clean the walkway and refresh the paint on shutters, trim, and doors. As overgrown gardens can make a home look neglected, be sure to trim shrubbery, weed and trim the garden, and cut the grass. Create a balanced arrangement at your entrance, either with landscaping, fixtures, or lighting.

Come in and feel at home

You want potential buyers to feel comfortable and to be able to focus on your home’s assets. It is advantageous to declutter and depersonalize your home, since personal belongings can be distracting. Rearrange furniture and edit pieces to make the most of the space in each room, and pack, donate or store knickknacks, family photos, and other decorative items. You may do this yourself, or you may want to hire a professional organizer (that’s where I come in!).

Storage and organization

Off-season clothing, rarely used belongings, and seasonal decor, along with surplus furniture- should be cleared. If possible, temporarily borrow space in a friend’s garage or basement for the items you remove from your home. Renting a storage space can be a short term option.

Make your home look its best

As you remove the clutter and excess furniture, leave or add a few carefully planned items to make your home feel comfortable and lived-in. Seek a balance between sterile and homey. A few well-chosen items can stage your home and help it sell quickly. Opt for items such as a vase of fresh flowers, a few pillows for your sofa, and a bowl of beautiful fruit.

Open house success

Putting in the time and effort toward the success of your open house is worthwhile. Ensure your home is clean and in excellent condition, and present your property in a way that is appealing and comfortable to potential buyers. Thorough preparation will mean a rewarding open house, a quicker sale, and a higher price!

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