Redesigning and Organizing your Kitchen

Guest post by Paul Denikin.

Redesigning and Organizing Your Kitchen

A lot of effort can go into meal preparation, but struggling with your kitchen shouldn’t be part of it. If you’re looking at redesigning your kitchen to make meal prep activities easier, here are some helpful areas to look at prior to getting started. Begin by establishing a budget for the overall kitchen renovation, including the cost of doing the labour as well as appliances or any other materials you’ll need to buy.

Keep Things Structured With a Clear Plan

Every great redesign begins with a detailed plan. A kitchen renovation plan starts with knowing your kitchen’s measurements and being clear on how you’ll want the space to function. Choosing your appliances is important as the general design of the kitchen will depend on their size and location. Selecting a layout that works for you is key. As each arrangement will have its pros and cons, it is important to choose carefully. For example, while a U-shaped kitchen can offer flexibility, it can also feel small because appliances are placed close together.

Don’t Let Small Square Footage Limit You

It may feel as if a kitchen redesign is only possible for people who have a lot of space available but that’s not true. If you have a small kitchen, you can still redesign the space by installing built-in appliances for a less cluttered appearance. If you need extra room for pantry items, a roll-out pantry can be a convenient option. You can even install an under-mount sink and build cabinets all the way up to the ceiling for supplementary storage. Your kitchen can feel even more spacious by following some tips offered by Family Handyman, which include replacing an island with a rolling cart.

Know When to Call the Pros

Perhaps you enjoy renovation work or you may wish to lower the cost of your kitchen project. Whatever your motivation is in getting involved, you should know what things you can handle yourself and when it would be essential to call in a professional. Money Crashers discusses the pros’s and cons of DIY vs hiring a pro in this article on things that you need to consider.If the renovation activity would be unsafe for you or require a specific skill, then it’s best to contact a professional.

Organize your kitchen efficiently

Having your kitchen renovated is only the beginning of organizing your meal prep space. You can make your kitchen more efficient by designating a cooking space, storing similar items together, hanging or storing cooking accessories such as aprons and oven mitts so they are easily accessible and dividing drawers so utensils are organized according to their type. Reorganizing your fridge can be helpful to your meal prep if you use clear containers, label containers with use-by dates and place food items that need to be used quickly to the front of your fridge. If you store similar items together, it will make them easier to find, and you’ll be less likely to buy food you already have. Your meal prep activities can be made even easier when you make sure to have handy items like dried or canned beans, frozen vegetables and eggs in your kitchen (or whatever else you are likely to eat!)

A kitchen redesign project can be a major undertaking, but it’s worth it when you reap the benefits from improved organization and efficiency during meal preparation. Make sure you get it done right by accounting for all the details!

And if you would like my assistance as a trained professional organizer, I will be happy to help out!

Photo courtesy of  Pexels

Photo courtesy of Pexels