Eating Well Is so Important

Organization comes into play with food

“Are you hungry?” my client asked.
“No, I’ve just had a good lunch,” I replied, patting my stomach.
“Are you hungry? I inquired.
“Yes! I’ve only eaten chocolate all morning. I’m starving.”

In my work as a professional organizer in Montreal, I’ve noticed that some of my clients forget to eat, or simply don’t make the time to do so. Or, it could be that their lives—and their kitchens—are disorganized to the point that cooking is difficult, if not impossible.

Here are a few ideas to help you eat healthy and save money on restaurant food:

  1. If you prepare a freezable dish, consider doubling the batch and freezing a few portions. Use clear containers that stack and store well, and be sure to date and label the containers.
  2. If you have trouble keeping track of what’s in your fridge and/or pantry, keep lists of what you have. Scratch items off as they are used.
  3. Similarly, keep a grocery list on the fridge, on your phone, or wherever is most convenient for you! Purchase frequently-used items so you never run out. If you shop at assorted places for different foods on your list, try grouping what you need at each store. For example, in our home, we have: supermarket, health food store, Akhavan, bakery, and small corner grocery store. We keep a separate list for the pharmacy.
  4. If you have a lot of one ingredient and it will take you twelve years or more to use it up, offer some to a friend, neighbour, or food bank.
  5. If you keep bread in the freezer and end up with assorted crusts, use them up by baking delicious croutons. Yum! I love homemade croutons! 
  6. Try experimenting with at least one meatless meal per week. It’s beneficial for the planet, your budget, and your health! My daughter’s Youtube cooking show has over 100 delectable vegetarian and vegan recipes. Check it out and subscribe. 
  7. Consider bringing your own water bottle and a healthy snack (like fruit, nuts, cheese, or crackers) when you’re heading out for several hours. This will also benefit the environment, your pocketbook, and your health.
  8. Allison Weigensberg, another professional organizer in Montreal, has put together a complete online course on kitchen organization and meal planning. 

I hope that this post has given you a few ideas on how to become and remain organized in the kitchen.  As always, your questions, comments, and suggestions are most welcome. I would be pleased to help you with kitchen and cooking ideas, decluttering, organizing, downsizing and more!

My daughter, Reveena, host of Reveena's Kitchen.

My daughter, Reveena, host of Reveena's Kitchen.