Inspired and Inspiring (I Hope)


Welcome to my website! I’m delighted that it’s finally up. It was a thrill to compile the many laudatory reviews and comments as well as the exciting Before/After photos.

A tremendous thank you to my creative, talented, and hard-working team: Alex Custodio and Travis Wall, who translated my ideas and vision into reality.

Thanks as well to my clients who welcomed me as a Professional Organizer into their homes and offices, and trusted me to help them declutter, downsize, organize and more!

I enjoy my retirement from Social work so much that it usually doesn’t feel like work. I particularly love taking the Before/After photos and sharing them on Instagram and Facebook (and with my clients).

In this blog, I’ll be sharing thoughts, ideas, observations, and tips. I’m aiming to post on a weekly basis, every Sunday evening. I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog, and I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.