Just Do It

Nike’s well-known ad campaign is as valid for life in general as it is for working out.

I, for example, have a mending bag, usually holding a few items of clothing. Once I actually get to the repair job, it rarely takes more than a few minutes per item. What if—instead of placing the socks in the mending pile—I went to my sewing box, threaded a needle, and sewed up the small hole right then and there? Or, if I didn’t have time when I noticed the hole, what if I took care of it later that day, instead of allowing them to accumulate?

In my experience as a professional organizer living in Montreal, I’ve worked with a couple of clients who weren’t in the habit of opening their mail. One client was delighted to find over $700 in cheques when we opened his very large pile of envelopes. Most of them were very close to being stale.

The moral of this story: open your mail on a daily (or regular) basis.

I recently acquired a Fitbit, which encourages and motivates me to keep moving. I now bring the laundry upstairs right away instead of placing it at the foot of the stairs and waiting until I was going up anyway. It’s become easier to climb stairs, and I laugh inwardly at myself when I am just shy of my goal of 10,000 steps and go for a walk until the rocket roars. You have to wear a Fitbit to get that one.

Do you have a friend or relative you’ve been meaning to call? Undoubtedly, they’ll be really happy to hear from you, and you won’t keep saying to yourself, “Oh, I have to call cousin Gertrude.” If you have a number of people who you want to contact, why not make a list? BTW, if you haven’t already guessed, I love lists. Then call, email, text, or send an actual card. You can cross off the name or use a tick—but oh, the joy of finishing everything on a list!

I zip-lined in Thailand and loved it!

I zip-lined in Thailand and loved it!

Whether it’s housework, decluttering, filing taxes, exercising or grocery shopping, just do it. You’ll be glad you did! Accomplishing small, daily tasks eliminates chaos from your life and allows wonderful things to fill that space.

If you’d like help to declutter, downsize, organize and more, I’m happy to be of service.