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Cleaning and Organizing your home: Eco-friendly Tips.

Guest post by Jackie Waters.

Cleaning and organizing your home is an important part of keeping it healthy for yourself and your family, especially during certain months of the year when dust, pollen, or other allergens are at their highest. Whether you want to downsize and remove a lot of clutter from each room or just find a more eco-friendly way to clean things up, there are many things you can do to whip your house into shape and make it a healthy retreat after a long day.

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Spring Decluttering

I publish this blog post one day after Passover. Passover is a prime marker of the year for me, the unofficial beginning of spring, even though it’s -20°C with the wind chill this morning. Passover is a Jewish celebration centered on liberation from slavery. This winter, some  Montrealers have felt as if they were imprisoned; it's been a tough slog for many—more difficult than some than others—with long periods of extreme cold, icy road conditions, and a darkness exacerbated by a frozen wasteland of impassable streets and sidewalks. Here’s how we can make the most of the season.

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