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Janis and the Empathy Effect

Janis Roth was one of my elementary school classmates. At Westminster School, we lined up alphabetically. I was always behind her in line—Rothman directly following Roth. She was smart, sweet, pretty, and slender. Although we regarded each other fondly, Janis and I never became close friends, and lost touch after school ended. Today, I think about Janis’s untimely death and the Empathy Effect.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

“I feel like I never get anything finished,” said a recent client in Montreal, who had hired me as a professional organizer. In addition to optimizing the efficiency of her living space, I suggested that she create and use an affirmation. In order for an affirmation to really make a difference, you need to repeat it to yourself until it becomes part of your conscious thinking.

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