I Love Being an Organizer


When I was in university, I relished summer employment as a letter carrier, since I thrive off being outdoors, and walking. For twenty-six years, I had a career as a social worker, which was immensely fulfilling, given that I love helping people.

The job I'm the most passionate about, however, is my career as a professional organizer in Montreal.

Almost every time I work with someone, they find something they've been looking for—a wonderful feeling for them and for me as well. Time and time again, clients say, "I've been looking for this for ages!"

I love tackling what seems like an insurmountable jumble and breaking it down into bite size pieces, gradually getting the space decluttered and organized—like a magician waving a wand. A grateful client whose mother was a lifelong collector recently said, "I never thought we'd be able to pack up my mom's place, but now we're almost done."

I enjoy setting up spaces and systems that enable my clients to live calmly and happily, surrounded by their possessions that spark joy. Some people I work with are now punctual (sometimes for the first time in their lives) because they no longer have to search for their keys or cell phone, briefcase or eyeglasses. Clients report enjoying their clothes, which are no longer squished in the closet, and worry about losing an important document because they know where everything is.

On top of enjoying the work "immensely" as my Bubby Rose, OBM used to say, the community of professional organizers is incredibly supportive and encouraging.

And as I wrote in last week's blog about Freecycle, I get a kick out of saving things, particularly obscure items, from our ever-growing landfill.