Bell Let's Talk: Dealing with a little Anxiety

I’ve been taking Citalopram, a chill pill, for the past seven years. It helps me feel less anxious in a significant way. I take a low dosage, 10 mg, and do other things to take care of myself. For example, I eat healthily, exercise on a regular basis, practice Transcendental Meditation (and have been since 1977), write in a journal, and cultivate my friendships. I use affirmations like, “I go with the flow of life in a calm and relaxed manner,” and “I am calm and loving at all times.”  I am a big believe in the power of positive thinking and affirmations!

Last year, my mom started taking a chill pill as well. Although I had suggested it to her shortly after my positive experience - the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, after all- she had initially been resistant. Mumzie doesn’t like taking medication unless she really needs to, and feared sluggishness. She is so pleased with the helpful effects of her meds that she shared, “I wish I had started ten years ago!” My mom finds herself reacting calmly in situations where she previously may have gotten upset or aggravated, and thinks to herself, “Wow, look at me now!”

I too was very reluctant to start this kind of medication. I feared side effects, getting addicted, and feeling “out of it.” My doctor was reassuring. “I have patients who’ve been take it for decades,” she said. I hope that this blog post encourages those who are on the fence about taking a medication of this type, and if you do opt to take some kind of anti-anxiety medication, I hope that it will prove beneficial.

The Bell Let’s Talk fundraising initiative is a wonderful project- “growing the global conversation and supporting Canada’s mental health.” On January 30th of this year, it raised - drum roll please- $7,272,134.95 - through the spread of its hashtag, viewing of the Let’s Talk video, and use of the Bell Let’s Talk geofilter.  The money raised provides grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 for projects which improve access to mental health care - which can only do good….

Of course, as we know, clutter is a major contributor to stress for most people, and decluttering and organizing can be helpful in controlling anxiety… Managing and controlling your anxiety is actually clearing clutter from your mind! That’s where I - or another trained professional organizer- can help.

Let’s talk.