A Drop Off at the Eco Center!

While some of it was accumulated chez nous, the bulk of the items came from a client’s basement which I had decluttered and organized -- and ultimately emptied--as part of my work as a trained professional organizer.

Emptying the car was a big job and time consuming - as I said, my car was literally full! Amar, one of the staff at the Eco Center, was extremely supportive. He helped me sort and brought items to the various containers. He told me, as I finished, that he had worked as a doctor in his country of origin, and that he was one of the bosses at the Depot. What a helpful and kind man!

Eco Centers are the proper place to dispose of products which could be harmful to one’s health or to the environment. Access is free upon presentation of identification and proof of residence.

I recommend maintaining a box or a bag somewhere in your home (hall closet, basement or garage, perhaps?) to gather items for the Eco-Center, including all the items listed above.  If you have the space, you could gather them in an organized fashion, grouped according to category.

There were some items which were considered “garbage” even at the Eco Center, however Amar shared that even the contents of the garbage container are sorted and everything is reused in one way or another. Very encouraging, indeed.

All in all, a positive experience and one I strongly encourage you to undertake. The Eco Centers are all over Montreal - just Google it and you’ll find the one closest to you. Every little bit helps!

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